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Expertise and Thought Leadership — Driving Partnering Outcomes Since 1999
Expertise and Thought Leadership — Driving Partnering Outcomes Since 1999
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The alliance manager newly assigned to the partnership quickly realized the relationship was dysfunctional and the collaboration agreement woefully inadequate for a co-development, co-commercialization relationship that required consensus decision making and equal sharing of all revenues and expenses.

Using our Vital Signs™ Alliance Operations Effectiveness Assessment, we quickly uncovered the root causes of the dysfunction, designed and implemented appropriate governance and collaboration models, and conducted a reset of the alliance. With an effective structure in place and leadership aligned, the alliance has been able to advance into a pivotal trial with a promising molecule.

The new head of business development recognized this would pose a problem attracting premier partners with whom to move to Phase III and take the product to market. A change management initiative was needed.

We conducted a Listening Tour of all key stakeholders to understand attitudes and uncover the source of the mindset—and realized that this small company had multiple cultures at odds with each other.

To drive change, we started at the top—with the executive leadership team. It wasn’t exactly a message they wanted to hear—but leaders grasped the problems of clashing legacy cultures and the need to evolve—and lead. This led to an ongoing series of formal and informal educational opportunities, together with a regular alignment check-ins among senior leaders to ensure they were "walking the talk."

In this case, it had many alliances and partnerships, but they were being managed in an ad-hoc manner, causing many problems—and even arbitration and court cases.

Working with the newly appointed head of global alliance management, we built a charter for the new function, as well as roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities. Once we helped to shepherd the approval and budget, we took it on a “road show” to help all stakeholders understand the new function, how it would interact with them, and what was expected of them.

Success was first measured by a year in which none of their partners initiated legal proceedings!

The participants were to include both alliance managers and alliance team members who regularly interacted with partners.

We delivered a turnkey comprehensive curriculum covering alliance management principles and practices, such as launching an alliance, designing and running governance, understanding alliance finances, and measurement and reporting. We also created specific modules on collaborative problem solving, the impact of culture on alliances, and understanding motivations. All of the courses and modules included case studies, as well as a toolkit. The curriculum forms the basis of the company’s alliance management center of excellence.

The new company strategy required much broader engagement and for partners to represent a broader array of the company’s products. Using our Partner Portfolio Manager™ software-as-a-service and analysis, together with our partner Alliancesphere, we conducted an evaluation of the partner portfolio, engaging a broad array of stakeholders in a crowd sourced data-gathering process. Our analysis resulted in creating four specific management strategies, one of which was applied to each partner in the portfolio—and highlighted the capabilities to seek in new partners. The company’s growth since this time has been in double digits and its reputation as a partner of choice has grown.

The company had set up teams, provided a guidebook, conducted training, and named someone as the “collaboration guide” on each team. Yet the results were not there.

Using our Collaborating to Win™ data-rich assessment and the underlying algorithm, we surveyed the sales force to get at the root cause of why they were not collaborating effectively. Once the data was analyzed, a design flaw in the sales force compensation structure that worked against collaborative behavior was discovered. The company immediately adjusted for it and soon began to see the coordinated behavior they intended.

The data showed a direct relationship between how well a team collaborated and the sales results they were able to produce, prompting management to double-down on driving good collaborative behavior. We were tasked to produce coaching guidance for sales managers drawing from the real-life practices of leading sellers.

It needed its scientists to collaborate globally with other scientists and entrepreneurs to find technologies that could be the source of product innovation while addressing delicate issues such as intellectual property protection.

Working with both their external innovation group and learning and development team we built a two-day experiential learning program, together with a train the trainer component, so that the external innovation team could take the program around the world—and on a regular basis. We piloted the program live to great acclaim and worked with the training team to call upon their experiences and stories, as well as learn the concepts, materials, and exercises. Additionally, a set of webinars included interviews with the first wave of scientists who were collaborating with third parties to take some of the mystery out of external innovation. The program has become an annual staple of the Company’s learning and development program and has been delivered around the world to hundreds of scientists.

But no one from either partner was comfortable taking on the entrepreneurial and collaborative challenge of designing the offering and preparing to get and go to market.

It also required developing a new contract and carefully segmenting the shared customer base between each partner’s sometimes competing professional services organizations and sales teams.

To multiply the challenges, neither party was able to get together face-to-face to work out differences. Amidst these difficult circumstances, together with our strategic partner, Alliancesphere, we facilitated joint sessions and smaller breakouts in two locations, plus engaged several remote participants, alternating between video conference, web conference, and teleconference, to ultimately arrive at an agreed plan to shape this billion dollar initiative.

It requires new partnering models and the ability to quickly orchestrate the right mix of partners—many of whom could be very different from a company’s typical partners.

With our partner Alliancesphere, we saw the opportunity for our client, a well-known technology company thought to be a bit of a dinosaur, to assume a role as thought leader and orchestrator in the evolving ecosystem. Working with the channels acceleration team, we guided strategy development and helped management to think about partnering in a whole new way. Working with leadership, we developed a campaign of white papers and presentations so executives could share what it takes to partner in this new world. The channels acceleration team hardened a number of use-case-specific solutions, solving billion-dollar problems. The company is recognized by analysts as one of the leading players in helping its customers use new technologies for advantage.

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