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How Does The Rhythm of Business Drive Your Partnering Success?

We help speed the path to measurable outcomes.
We share our deep understanding of partnering and collaborative behavior.
We enable you to appreciate value from customer, partner and stakeholder perspectives.
We complement your team and design each engagement around your needs and goals.

We speed your path to measurable outcomes by building partnering strategy, governance, and capability needed to tame complexity and innovate customer experience.

Build strategy, governance and capability Develop the mindset, skillset, and toolset to partner everywhere inside and outside your organization, with many different types of partners, using innovative partnering models. Drive outcomes with agile governance that respects differences and integrates with corporate routines and cadence.

Tame complexity
Master ecosystem development, understand where to orchestrate and when to participate, and reduce risk. Partner at the speed, scale, and scope of digital business transformation—and take full advantage of game-changing technologies.

Innovate customer experience
Everyone is a customer and experience is currency. Want the best companies to partner with you? Ensure that all stakeholders get the value they need and the experience they want through partnering. With our help, you can—by implementing adaptable but consistent policies and processes.

Accelerate growth
From ideas to outcomes, our frameworks, tools, expertise, and experience enable your partnering organization and/or specific alliances to achieve results faster than otherwise possible.

"We could not have got to this point so quickly without your assistance."

– Senior Vice President, Product Strategy

Leverage our deep understanding of partnering and collaborative behavior.

We may learn to play together as children. It doesn’t translate to behavior in a corporate setting where there are competing strategies, cultures, processes, incentives, and ways of working. Partnering is conceptually easy and operationally quite challenging.

"We think of you as our collaboration therapist."

– Executive Director, Alliance Management

Let us enhance your ability to appreciate value from customer, partner and stakeholder perspectives.

Value is in the eye of the beholder – and it is never just money. All forms of value – insight, expertise, access, even a chance to be part of something exciting and innovative—become currency for you and your partners’ success.

"Your framework for value exchange has helped us change the conversation with our strategic suppliers – and we’re all benefiting."

– Operations Leader

Who We Serve

Both those new to partnering as well as seasoned partnering executives rely upon The Rhythm of Business to drive to the outcomes they seek—quickly and cost effectively. We typically work with:

Partnering organizations and alliance management teams

Program and project management functions

Line of business executives engaged in partnering

Corporate development and strategy offices as well as business development teams

Leaders driving new business initiatives and creating complex solutions that require an ecosystem of partners

Hold Back Nothing.
Leave Nothing on the Table.

Ignite new strategies through partnering. Fuel the fire with all forms of value that enable you—and your partners—to achieve your bottom-line objectives. The Rhythm of Business is your catalyst.

Types of Business Organizations We Help

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Collaboration, partnering, and alliances are the lifeblood of every stage of the biopharma business – research, development, commercialization—and essential to evolving business models, going digital, and beyond the pill strategies. Life science service providers (CROs and CMOs, CDx developers and more) want to be not mere vendors, but trusted partners whose knowledge, expertise, and ability to drive to a greater return on investment is appreciated.

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Technology infuses every business. As a result, the business of technology is evolving from its traditional channel value-added reseller (VAR) model to one that embraces the ecosystem to develop complex solutions to specific customer-defined use cases. Internet of Things (IoT) applications are a case in point. The Rhythm of Business brings you specific expertise in partnering models being developed for IoT.

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Burgeoning technologies drive innovation in financial services, putting the customer more in control. This ecosystem demands a step up in partnering practices—from traditional channel and strategic supplier to strategic alliances, co-development, and joint go-to-market initiatives. There is much to learn from the pioneers in life sciences and information technology.

Alliance Management

Keep Your Capability on the Cutting Edge.
Alliance managers today must do more than mitigate risk—you must create, deliver, and capture value through partnering. Take your capability to the next level—with The Rhythm of Business at your side.

Engage Us When:

You are building or redesigning your alliance management function

You need to move from ad hoc partnering to baking it into the business

A centralized alliance management capability is no longer sufficient and the management of most partners must be handled by the businesses and functions

Your business is changing and your partnering practices and portfolio must evolve with it

You need a cross-functional approach
to effectively work with partners and your company doesn’t currently work that way

You recognize there has to be a better way to work with essential service providers in your ecosystem, such as clinical research organizations or contract manufacturers

You need an organized and consistent way of building an ecosystem of partners to enable a new strategy, such as “beyond the pill,” or an Internet of Things-based set of offerings

You need to build process and a toolkit so that you can quickly and consistently launch and monetize new partners and initiatives

Your partner portfolio has too many partners who aren’t delivering results

You have insufficient resources to manage your partners and find yourself always reacting tactically with no ability to be strategically proactive

A strategic alliance needs to be rejuvenated

A new alliance needs to get up and running quickly

You want to improve your ability to attract desirable partners

You face questions about the value of having a distinct alliance and partner management function

You need to align alliance and partner management to how your company has reorganized